Rapid intervention in a crisis


The training provides knowledge on crisis intervention and solution-focused therapy.



Training purpose: To learn the basics of rapid crisis intervention. Described the types of crises, the concept of crisis intervention, the causes of crisis, types and characteristics of crises. The impact of the crisis on the psychophysical functioning of a person was discussed. And also post-traumatic stress disorder and a description of its symptoms. Techniques of conducting a psychological conversation and working with a crisis are shown. The training includes knowledge of the methods of creating a crisis intervention plan, selected models of crisis intervention and procedures for its conduct. Selected tools and techniques used in TSR and therapeutic relationships are described.

Additional Information: The training has a universal character and can be a good supplement to knowledge and competencies at practically any job position.

Trainings are conducted individually, so we run continuous recruitment (this means that a minimum number of participants does not have to gather at a specific time). You start learning at any time and complete the program at your own pace.

Documentation: After the successful completion of the training, documents (as ordered) issued by the training company and the Continuing Education Institution (RSPO Number: 270751) are provided. The documentation does not contain information about the mode and form of education.

After Purchase: you receive training material in PDF format.


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